Tollywood filmmaker Venkatesh Maha stirs up controversy by voicing his opinions over how Prashanth Neel’s pan-Indian smash “KGF2” is portrayed.

Venkatesh Maha

Venkatesh Maha, the director of the 2018 Telugu superhit ‘C/O Kancharapalem,’ who has won plaudits for his admirable attempt at casting commoners as performers, finds himself in hot water for airing his opinions regarding the most recent Pan-Indian blockbuster ‘KGF2. He revealed that he hasn’t been making new films recently because he has been pitching several new stories to the film producers, but they are rejecting them because they are OTT content and not Pop-corn movie content during one of the movie-related round table discussions with fellow Tollywood filmmakers Nandini Reddy, Mohankrishna Indraganti, Vivek Athreya, and Shiva Nirvana. Despite his telling them interesting stories, they turn them down for the same reasons stated above.

Venkatesh Maha believes that people watch popcorn movies because they are more interested in the popcorn in the tub than in the story. He believes that by encouraging people to watch such content, we are sending the wrong message to the general public.

Going further, it was said that he said, “A mother asks her son to become a great man by robbing all the riches in the world, and towards the end, he dumps all the gold in the ocean! “, according to a recent Pan-Indian film (without mentioning the film’s name). If so, I’d like to meet that mother,” he said. “Would any mother ask her son to become a goonda?

He reportedly also said, “If all the filmmakers pick up a sword or a pistol instead of a pen, we all will make larger blockbusters than anyone else out there.”

He is also alleged to have referred to certain cinematic characters as “Neech Kamine Kutte” types. Today, it is a popular movie and one of the highest-grossing Indian movies, ‘KGF’ movie fans started harassing Tollywood director Venkatesh Maha with some harsh tweets and trends on social media saying “Insecure Loafer Venkatesh Maha” and “Attention Begger Venkatesh Maha.” Additionally, they are associating him with old movies from ‘KGF’ director Prashanth Neel, in which Neel praises Venkatesh Maha’s movie ‘C/O Kancharapalem’.

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