Shyam Singha Roy: An Entertaining Period Drama


From the title to Nani’s outfit to the trailer, “Shyam Singha Roy” has held the audience’s attention. The anticipation for the movie’s release is building.

Shyam Singha Roy Story

Vasudev Ghanta (Nani) is a filmmaker who specialises in short films. For his short film, he is looking for a female lead. He finally finds a girl (Krithi Shetty) in a coffee shop after a series of failed auditions. He pursues her and eventually transforms her into his heroine. During the shoot, she is harassed by a group of males. Vasudev defeats them and saves her.

However, he has been passing unconscious for a few seconds at a time since then, and his other persona has been activated. Following a string of such incidents, he is arrested on grounds of plagiarising stories from Bengali books published 50 years ago and selling them to film studios.

Vasudev, on the other hand, enters a not guilty plea and passes the lie detector test. Who is Vasudev? What is his relationship with Shyam Singha Roy? What is Shyam Singha Roy’s background? The rest of the plot revolves around what happens next.

CWM’s Rating: 3/5

Artistes’ Performance

Nani gave a fantastic performance in both roles. While he appeared unremarkable as Vasudev, his portrayal of Shyam Singha Roy is flawless. He was ideal for the part of a Bengali man. He also sounded great when delivering a few Bengali dialogues.

Sai Pallavi’s performance as Maithreyi is excellent. This time, her dancing abilities aren’t fully exploited. After ‘Love Story,’ the audience has come to expect out-of-the-box dance movements from her. But nothing worked like that.

Krithi Shetty has a minor role in the film. She makes an appearance in the first half, but then fades away totally in the second.

Madonna Sabastian has done an excellent job. Jishu Sen Gupta and Bhupal Raju have minor roles in the film. Rahul Ravindran has a significant role to play.

Murali Sharma is a good prosecutor, while Subhalekha Sudhakar is a good judge. All of the others are well-suited to their respective roles.

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