“Shiva Rajkumar’s Action Extravaganza ‘Ghost’ Set to Thrill on October 19”


Shiva Rajkumar, the esteemed actor known as the Karunada Chakravarthy, is set to mesmerize audiences with his upcoming Pan India action extravaganza titled ‘Ghost’, which is poised to make a significant impact in the Sandalwood film industry. Touted as a gripping Action Heist Thriller, ‘Ghost’ is under the adept direction of Srini, renowned for his blockbuster ‘Birbal’. Backing this cinematic spectacle is the notable politician and producer, Sandesh Nagraj, through his esteemed production house, Sandesh Productions. The cinematic world eagerly anticipates the arrival of ‘Ghost’, with the film’s release date now officially declared – it will grace screens worldwide on October 19.

‘Ghost’ has been meticulously crafted as an explosive spectacle of action. The revelation of the release date is accompanied by an arresting poster, featuring Shiva Rajkumar in a commanding pose, holding a firearm, bearing the enigmatic caption, “When Shadows Speak… Know The Ghost Is Arriving”. The anticipation and fervor surrounding ‘Ghost’ have reached remarkable heights, both within industry circles and among enthusiastic audiences. The concept motion poster and the captivating Big Daddy teaser have garnered exceptional responses.

Further fueling the fervent excitement for ‘Ghost’ is Shiva Rajkumar’s recent triumphant portrayal in the blockbuster ‘Jailer’, which has only intensified the buzz surrounding the upcoming action thriller. Leading production houses are lining up, eager to secure the rights for distribution in various languages. In a strategic move, the team is gearing up for nationwide premieres from the second week of October, with the trailer slated to be unveiled in mid-September.

The powerhouse crew behind ‘Ghost’ is a conglomerate of top-tier technicians, each contributing their expertise to elevate the film to new heights. Noteworthy among them are dialogue writers Masthi and Prasanna VM, renowned music director Arjun Janya responsible for the film’s score, and the accomplished cinematographer Mahendra Simha, whose captivating visuals are poised to enhance the overall cinematic experience. Contributing to the film’s aesthetic excellence is Production Design by Mohan B Kere. Notably, the PR efforts for the Telugu version of the film are orchestrated by the experienced PRO team led by BA Raju.

‘Ghost’ is set for a grand multi-language release, encompassing Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam, all brought to life by the esteemed Sandesh Productions.

The ensemble cast is led by the charismatic Shiva Rajkumar and supported by an array of exceptional talent including Anupam Kher, Jayaram, Prashanth Narayan, Archana Jois, Satyaprakash, Dattanna, and more.

The film’s behind-the-scenes talent is equally impressive, with Sandesh Productions spearheading the project. The film is presented by Sandesh Nagaraj, a Member of the Legislative Council (MLC), and produced by Sandesh N. The creative vision of Srini drives the story and direction, while the evocative music is composed by Arjun Janya. Capturing the visual essence is the acclaimed cinematographer Mahendra Simha, complemented by dialogue writers Prasanna VM and Maasti. The intricate action choreography is masterfully curated by Chethan D’Souza, Venkat from Hyderabad, Arjun Raaj, and Mass Madha. The editing finesse is delivered by Deepu S Kumar, while the creative canvas is shaped by Production Design from Mohan B Kere. The supervision of VFX is entrusted to Mohammad Abdi, with the VFX work coming to life at Asoo Studios in Tehran. The film’s visual aesthetics are finely tuned by colorist Amir Valikhani, and the DI Studio at Future Age Studio. Sonic brilliance is crafted by Rajan for sound effects and Manjari Studios for DTS final mixing. The film’s post-production finds a home at PRK Studios. The cohesive co-direction is led by Amoghavarsha and Prasanna V M, with the directing team including Kiran Jinkal, Srinivas HV, and Manju HG. The aerial perspective is captured by Raj Mohan’s drone camera, alongside the diligent camera team consisting of Manu Prasad, Suresh, and Nivas. Mahesh serves as the associate editor, while Charan handles online editing. Additional BGM inputs are provided by Agastya Raag. The intricate costumes are crafted by Shantaram and Bharath Sagar for Shiva Rajkumar, with makeup, including prosthetics, meticulously handled by Chidanand and Honne Gowdru. Overseeing management are Suresh K Mysore as the Manager, and assistant managers Rakesh Rao and Karthik NK. Prasad BN holds the responsibility of Cashier. The visual aesthetics are ingeniously designed by Kaani Studios, with PRO services provided by Venkatesh, BA Raju, and their proficient team. In the digital realm, Sebatina and Satish serve as Digital PROs, while Archana Dinesh manages in-film branding. The marketing efforts are orchestrated by Shruti iL, Santosh Nandakumar, Nisha Kumar, and Raghavan Lakshman, with digital marketing strategies devised by SIL Studios.

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