Review of the film Das Ka Dhamki: A Standard Popcorn Flick


Vishwak Sen is back with Das Ka Dhamki after a hectic 2022. In terms of money and excitement, the filmmaker has made no apologies for giving his second film his all.

Krishna Das (Vishwak Sen), an orphan who works as a server at a hotel, is the subject of the story of Das Ki Dhamki. His coworkers are his friends and family, and they are portrayed by Hyper Aadi and ‘Rangasthalam’ Mahesh. Das despises the meek existence of a poor guy but is confident he won’t pass away in that manner.

He persuades his pals to check into the same hotel as guests after a disgraceful occurrence involving one of the hotel’s guests and to treat their one dinner there with the courtesy that a paying guest would want. He runs across Keerthi (Nivetha Pethuraj) at the dinner, and she misidentifies him as a wealthy man. Keerthi eventually comes to believe that he is Sanjay Rudra, the CEO of the multibillion-dollar corporation SR Pharma, as a result of a series of events. Das resolves to wed Keerthi to maintain this respect. His pals are constantly telling him to put his unrealistic expectations aside and focus on their difficult circumstances. Moreover, they demand that he tell Keerthi the truth and end the turmoil. Das fails because he is in love and blind. She learns of his true identity as he persuades himself that Keerthi loves him for who he is.

The romance comes to an unhappy conclusion. They are physically dragged down by their severe financial situation. At that point, the character of Rao Ramesh enters their lives and offers to fix all of their issues in exchange for Krishna Das’ assistance with a predicament his family is going through. The plot surprise is that Sanjay Rudra, CEO of SR Pharma, resembles Das. He is informed that Sanjay just perished in an accident, putting the company’s Rs 10,000 crore agreement in peril. Das consents to take on the role of Sanjay for 10 days until the agreement is finalized because it too involves a medicine that has the potential to treat all forms of cancer.

Sanjay Rudra, who is he? How exactly did he pass away? Is this cancer medication effective? Will Krishna Das follow through on his promises to Rao Ramesh? Will Krishna Das get respect and have a family of his own? All of these questions are answered by the remainder of the narrative.

In recent films like Amigos, Gautam Nanda, Jai Lava Kusa, Khaidi No. 150, Vikramarkudu, Billa, and the list goes on, Doppelgangers have been employed often. Das Ka Dhamki adheres to this custom and employs all the techniques common to such films. It is important to note that Dhamaka, the most current film written by Ravi Teja, is also included on this list. Prasanna’s writing is most enjoyable. Puns and punchlines abound, especially in the scene starring the sidekicks Hyper Aadi and Mahesh. While it drags a little, the intermission scene is nicely envisioned. Sanjay Rudra’s aggressive personality doesn’t seem to hold up very well. Without a good reason or justification, the family turmoil hinders progress. It is never made clear what is to be accomplished within the 10-day timeframe. The plot of this film is unclear. To keep the audience interested, the second half is packed with surprises and character changes. But we can see the events coming from a long distance away. Visually fascinating is the coda section that sets up a sequel. Perhaps the most creative moment in the entire movie is this one.

The move taken by Vishwak Sen seems hurried and lacks variety. It mostly relies on competitiveness attained through formulaic sequences. Nivetha Pethuraj has an ordinarily unremarkable persona that oozes beauty. Mahesh and Hyper Aadi provide the goods. Another lackluster cameo from Tharun Bhasker may be seen.

The music of Leon James is adequate. “Almost Padipoyinde” is a catchy tune.

Jr. NTR gave Vishwak Sen some direction-free advice during the movie’s pre-release event. We could still see the fiery action that Vishwak has been taking if he takes this counsel carefully.

Das Ka Dhamki is entertaining if you are in the mood for a typical commercial potboiler.

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