Over 3000 Footfalls for Rameshwar Kitchens On 1st Day Itself

In the heart of Puppalaguda, New Land Manikonda, a burst of flavors and excitement marked the auspicious inauguration of “Rameshwaram Kitchens” on December 17, 2023. This culinary haven, backed by the esteemed SP Group under the leadership of Sarat Chandra & Ravanamma Chavan, promised a delightful expedition through South Indian and continental cuisines, living up to its grand opening hype.

The lively atmosphere of Puppalaguda saw an infusion of a new aroma as Rameshwaram Kitchens unveiled its doors. The day witnessed an estimated 3,000 eager guests, creating a vibrant spectacle from morning to night. The entrance was adorned with a vibrant rangoli, a colorful prelude to the sleek and modern façade that awaited inside. The air throbbed with the energetic beats of drums, setting the stage for a day of celebration and feasting.

The inauguration commenced with a traditional lamp-lighting ceremony, graced by esteemed dignitaries from the SP Group. Notable figures from the culinary and business realms added their presence, emphasizing the potential of Rameshwaram Kitchens to become a culinary cornerstone in Puppalaguda.

Stepping into the restaurant, guests encountered a contemporary space illuminated with warm lighting. The open kitchen, a focal point, showcased impeccable cooking processes, highlighting the restaurant’s commitment to hygiene. The décor subtly echoed the flavors of South India, with intricately carved wooden accents and floral motifs creating a pleasing ambiance.

The culinary journey unfolded with a symphony of aromas. Dosas sizzled on the griddle, promising a delightful crunch with every bite. Idli steamers released fluffy pillows of fermented rice, while the enticing fragrance of sambhar and chutney filled the air. Beyond South Indian staples, continental aromas contributed a global touch, catering to a diverse palate.

Guests immersed themselves in the culinary delights, creating a chorus of satisfied murmurs. Soft idlis absorbed the tangy chutneys, and dosas crackled with flavor-filled fillings. Each dish, whether a classic masala dosa or a creamy pasta, showcased the culinary team’s dedication and expertise.

Special Highlights of Restaurant

  • First open screen ambiance restaurant in Manikonda.
  • Hyderabad first Thai -Pan cake pizza.
  • Ghee dip idly.
  • Sandwich.
  • Biryani.
  • Pizza’s with Cold and hot beverages.
  • Veg and non-veg tiffins and much more.

On the whole, Restaurant has a great vibe for families and youth to come and have a good time. As the day unfolded, the energy remained high. Live music performances added upbeat tunes to the festive atmosphere, while face-painting and balloon artists kept kids entertained, ensuring a family-friendly environment. Every detail of the event was meticulously planned, promising a delightful experience for each guest.

By day’s end, the sales surpassed the expected and overcrowded restaurant signaling the overwhelming success of the opening. Rameshwaram Kitchens had not only delighted taste buds but also secured its place on Puppalaguda’s culinary map. The commitment to a warm and welcoming ambiance was as evident as the scrumptious fare.

As the final notes of the closing music lingered, a sense of anticipation filled the air. The journey of Rameshwaram Kitchens had just begun, offering a world of culinary delights for Hyderabadi food enthusiasts. This spicy inauguration was a testament to the venture’s potential, and with a dedication to quality and authenticity, Rameshwaram Kitchens is poised to become a favorite in Puppalaguda for years to come.

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