Prabhas’ Instagram account hacked for the second time in three months

Hyderabad, India – October 15, 2023 – Prabhas, one of the most popular actors in India, has had his Instagram account hacked for the second time in three months. The account, which has over 100 million followers, was taken down on Sunday, October 15.

When users search for Prabhas’ name on Instagram, they are now met with a message that says “This Page is Not Available.” Fan-made accounts are still visible, but the official account is missing.

Prabhas’ team is currently working to get the hacked account back.

In July, Prabhas’ Facebook account was also hacked. Hackers posted a video to the account that said “Humans are unfortunate.” Prabhas’ fans were alarmed by the video, and he later released a statement confirming that his account had been hacked.

Prabhas’ fans are expressing their frustration with the second hacking incident. Some fans are even suggesting that the hackers may be anti-fans.

It is unclear who is responsible for the hacking, but it is a serious security issue. Prabhas’ team is working to investigate the matter and take steps to prevent future hacking incidents.

Impact of the hacking

The hacking of Prabhas’ Instagram account is a major security breach. The account has over 100 million followers, and it is a valuable platform for Prabhas to connect with his fans.

The hacking could have a negative impact on Prabhas’ career. If hackers were to post inappropriate or offensive content to the account, it could damage Prabhas’ reputation.

The hacking could also lead to financial losses for Prabhas. He earns money from sponsorships and endorsements, and the hacking could damage his relationships with these companies.

Steps to prevent future hacking incidents

There are a number of steps that can be taken to prevent future hacking incidents. These include:

Using strong passwords and two-factor authentication

Keeping software up to date

Being aware of phishing scams

Prabhas’ team should take steps to implement these security measures to protect his accounts from future hacking.

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