“Overwhelming Response at Success Meet for ‘Mr. Pregnant’ Delights Team”


The latest film by Syed Sohel Ryan and Roopa Kodavayur, titled ‘Mr. Pregnant,’ has been met with enthusiastic applause. Produced by Appireddy, Venkat Annapareddy, and Ravindar Reddy Sajjala under the Mic Movies banner, this cinematic endeavor, helmed by debut director Srinivas Vinjanampati, hit theaters on Friday. The movie ‘Mr. Pregnant’ masterfully combined emotion and entertainment, garnering positive reviews from both the audience and critics. To celebrate this achievement, the ‘Mr. Pregnant’ team organized a success meet, where they shared their thoughts and gratitude.

Director Srinivas Vinjanampati expressed his gratitude, stating, “I thank the audience for making ‘Mr. Pregnant’ a success. Producing such films requires courage, and Mic Movies took that risk. Newcomers like us receive opportunities only if our work is commendable. I hope that Mic Movies will be the only ones to remake this movie in any language. The concept, which begins with details about male pregnancy, was easily understood by the audience. Brahmaji’s comedy complemented the emotion of the movie beautifully. The audience enjoyed it so much that the dialogues were often drowned out by their laughter. ‘Mr. Pregnant’ is a film that should be watched by the entire family.”

Actress Roopa Kodavayur, elated by the film’s positive reception, conveyed her appreciation: “The film ‘Mr. Pregnant’ is receiving praise everywhere. I extend my thanks to everyone who supported this movie. During the lockdown, audiences became accustomed to watching experimental films. Now, good movies are being appreciated across languages. Personally, I enjoy watching Bengali films, and I believe that the current trend is ideal for making movies like ‘Mr. Pregnant.'”

Music director Shravan Bharadwaj, recognized for his contribution to the film’s music and background score, shared his experience: “I’m gaining recognition for providing quality music and background score for ‘Mr. Pregnant.’ The number of messages I’ve received for this movie surpasses any other. The emotional depth of the film allowed me to create impactful music.”

Comedian Abhishek, thrilled to be part of the project, stated, “I feel fortunate to have worked in ‘Mr. Pregnant.’ Being associated with a good movie is truly satisfying. I no longer want to limit myself to comedic roles; I’m open to portraying diverse characters.”

Producer Appireddy expressed his delight and gratitude: “The overwhelming response to ‘Mr. Pregnant’ makes me extremely happy. I extend my thanks to the audience. Although it’s a novel concept, the audiences have embraced it. Such a story has not been seen before in Telugu cinema. Initially, we contemplated making this story with Ayushmann Khurrana for a nationwide impact, but the pandemic halted those plans. Sohel, I believe, is our Telugu version of Ayushmann Khurrana. He delivered an exceptional performance. It’s a sensitive subject and a unique story. Even a slight imbalance can yield a distinctive result. The film offers a fresh experience to Telugu audiences. We trusted this story and invested accordingly. I didn’t consider the budget because I was making a film for my mother. Female viewers, after watching our film, are responding emotionally. I urge fellow heroes and producers in the industry to avoid releasing big films and Tamil hits on Fridays. Consider another day for your re-releases.”

Lead actor Sohel expressed his satisfaction with the outcome: “Sixteen years of hard work in the industry has finally paid off. Every review of ‘Mr. Pregnant’ has commended my performance. It’s fulfilling to be recognized as an actor. I visited a city multiplex and witnessed the audience leaving after the movie, hugging me and praising my acting. The public talk has been overwhelmingly positive, and that’s our success. Some negative comments have appeared on YouTube, but please refrain from making videos that harm the movie immediately after its release.”

In their celebration of triumph, the team of ‘Mr. Pregnant’ looks forward to the continued appreciation of their work by audiences, acknowledging that success in the industry requires courage and innovation.

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