“O Saathiya” Review: A Heartwarming Feeling of First Love


“O Saathiya” is a captivating film that transports us back to the enchanting realm of our first love. Helmed by the talented director Divya Bhavna, the movie features Aryan Gowra and Mishti Chakraborty in the lead roles. O Saathiya film aims to mesmerize audiences with its heartfelt narrative. Join us as we delve into our review of this romantic gem.


The story revolves around Arjun (Aryan Gowra), a B.Tech student who instantly falls head over heels for Keerthi (Mishti Chakraborthy). In order to evade complications, Arjun suggests that Keerthi pretend they are in a relationship. As the love story progresses, an unforeseen twist ensues when Keerthi goes missing, leaving Arjun determined to find her.

The film commences with light-hearted college episodes, gradually transitioning into a more profound storyline. “O Saathiya” seeks to evoke nostalgic memories of first love, succeeding to a certain extent. The romantic scenes are skillfully executed, adding depth to the narrative.

Performance-wise, Aryan Gowra delivers an impressive portrayal, showcasing confidence despite being a newcomer. Mishti Chakraborty also shines, delivering a mature performance compared to her previous films. The remaining cast performs adequately, and the inclusion of seasoned actors enhances the film’s value. Director Divya Bhavana effectively captures the significance of first love, eliciting the intended sentiment.

Cinema World Masti Verdict: Rating 3/5

In conclusion, “O Saathiya” caters to those who adore love stories. The film is bound to transport you back to the realm of your own first love, offering glimpses of heartfelt and mature romance. 

Director Divya Bhavna assembles a talented team to bring her vision to life, although the second half could have benefited from a more accelerated pace to enhance the overall experience.

However, the leisurely pace and predictable nature of the narrative do detract slightly from the overall experience. If you can embrace its predictability, give this film a chance and allow it to whisk you away on a nostalgic journey.

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