Nani’s “Hi Nanna” Strikes a Chord with Emotional Drama

Nani, having ventured into diverse genres, returns with the emotional drama “Hi Nanna,” shedding his boy-next-door image. Released today in theaters, the film features an intriguing plot with Mrunal Thakur, known for her role in Sita Ramam, adding to the anticipation. Let’s delve into whether “Hi Nanna” lives up to the hype generated by its trailer, as reviewed in one of the US premieres.

Synopsis: Viraj (Nani), a fashion photographer residing in Mumbai with his daughter Mahi (Baby Kiara), keeps a hidden story about Mahi’s mother. Encounters with Yashna (Mrunal Thakur) lead to revelations that unravel the mysteries surrounding Mahi’s mother and bring about significant changes in their lives.

Review: While Nani showcased a mass makeover in Dasara, “Hi Nanna” brings back the gentle Nani we know. Portraying Viraj seems effortless for Nani, though the film lacks exceptional elements. Despite a few familiar romantic sequences, Nani captivates the audience throughout.

Mrunal Thakur shines with her attractiveness and nuanced expressions, standing out in her role. Baby Kiara’s adorable portrayal adds charm, while Priyadarshi plays a crucial role, contributing to a well-made climax. Nasser’s role is routine, Shruti Haasan’s impact is limited to a song appearance, and Neha Sharma’s role is brief. Angad Bedi takes on a standard fiance role.

In essence, “Hi Nanna” may not break new ground for Nani, but its emotional depth, coupled with strong performances, makes it a worthwhile watch for those appreciating heartfelt narratives.

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