“Leo Hindi Surpasses 10 Crores NBOC Mark Despite Limited Multiplex Screenings”

The Hindi version of the Telugu film #Leo has touched 10 crores NBOC (net box office collection) despite not playing in any of the major multiplex chains. This is a great number, given the fact that the film is playing in a limited number of screens and is facing competition from other films that are running in the multiplex chains.

Leo Hindi’s success can be attributed to a number of factors. First, the film is a remake of the popular Telugu film #Leo, which was a blockbuster hit. Second, the film stars Vijay Deverakonda, who is a popular actor in the Hindi belt. Third, the film has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

The fact that Leo Hindi has been able to achieve success despite not playing in the multiplex chains is a sign that the Hindi film audience is open to watching films from different regions of India. It is also a sign that the multiplex chains are losing out on a significant amount of revenue by not screening films from different regions.

Impact on Multiplex Chains

The success of Leo Hindi is a loss for the multiplex chains, as they lost on screening a notable big ticket film. The multiplex giants OTT-Deal terms rule didn’t match with Leo, and the entire Hindi belt is having a dull season, as there aren’t any good films running at the moment.

The multiplex chains need to reconsider their OTT-Deal terms rule if they want to avoid losing out on more big ticket films in the future. They also need to focus on screening films from different regions of India in order to cater to the diverse needs of the Hindi film audience.

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