“Film Distributor Alleges Deception by Producers”


A famous film distributor, Bathula Satyanarayana (also known as Sathish) from Visakhapatnam, has alleged that he was deceived by the heads of AK Entertainments and renowned producers Anil Sunkara and Garikapati Krishna Kishore. In a recent press release, he detailed the injustice he claims to have faced regarding the distribution rights of the movie “Agent.”

Satyanarayana claimed that he had entered into an agreement for the distribution rights of the film “Agent,” covering three states: Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. According to him, he paid 30 crore rupees through legal means for these rights. However, despite his payment and the evidence, the distribution rights were allegedly limited to Visakhapatnam district upon the movie’s release, contrary to the initial agreement.

He further narrated that after discussions with the producers, Anil Sunkara and Garikapati Krishna Kishore, he was led to believe that they would rectify the situation. An undertaking letter was provided to him, promising the outstanding amount to be paid within a certain timeframe or before the release of their next film. Yet, as time passed, communication became scarce and the producers allegedly stopped responding to him.

Frustrated by the lack of progress, Satyanarayana took legal action to seek justice for what he perceived as an injustice against him. He emphasized his long-standing association with the film industry, his ethical reputation, and his previous collaborations with A.K. Entertainments. He also highlighted that other financial transactions involving the producers seemed to have encountered issues as well, leading to legal actions.

Satyanarayana expressed his belief in honesty and justice prevailing and stated his intention to provide media with accurate information once the legal matter has been resolved. He concluded by mentioning that he was taking legal recourse and had filed a criminal case against the producers, along with complaints made to relevant authorities.

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