Fans claim that ‘No One Can Fill the Gap’ after Irfan Khan steals the show in the Song of the Scorpions trailer.

Irfan Khan

The makers of “The Song of Scorpions” have at long last unveiled the trailer. The movie has already been seen at the Locarno Film Festival in 2017, but it hasn’t yet been seen in Indian. Notably, this movie is the late actor Irfan Khan’s final endeavour before his passing in 2020.

The teaser has received praise from the audience, and many have stated that they plan to watch it for Irfan Khan’s performance alone.

The film is based on the tale of the Rajasthani scorpion singers, a tribe with the supernatural ability to heal people who have been harmed by scorpion venom through the use of music.

Golshifteh Farahani, who portrays Nooran in the teaser, is shown learning this skill from Waheeda Rehman’s grandmother.
Nooran weds Aadam, a camel trader played by Irfan. But a horrific occurrence plunges her into a downward spiral, and she becomes voiceless. The film explores the concepts of love, retaliation, and the healing power of music.

Irfan Khan

Irfan Khan’s final movie trailer drew a lot of responses.

One user wrote, “Always in awe of his film choices. Always backing different stories. Who in today’s Bollywood backs such stories? No one. Miss u, Irfan Saahab..!”
Another said, “Nobody can replace Irfan Khan, sir. Bollywood is incomplete without him. I do hope we all will treat this movie well as it’s his last piece of work.”

A third person commented, “Irfan deserves an Oscar for lifetime achievement, and this film also.”

“Miss you, Irfan Khan. A huge loss for art and cinema But as we say, Legends never die; they disappear physically,” another hailed the late actor.

A fifth user remarked, “The intensity of his voice still gives me goosebumps.”

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