“Chiranjeevi: A Celebration of Legacy and Cinema on His Birthday”


In the realm of Telugu cinema, a resounding chant echoes: Chiranjeeva.. Jai Chiranjeeva.. Jaijai Chiranjeeva.. This chant isn’t just words; it’s an embodiment of cinematic magic that thrills audiences. Chiranjeevi, the name synonymous with grandeur and charisma, has been gracing the silver screen with his presence for decades, capturing the hearts of millions. His very appearance on the screen is enough to ignite excitement and anticipation, promising a journey of thrill, dance, laughter, and heartfelt acting.

He is the beloved Ilavelpu of the silver screen, the darling of Telugu cinema’s Kalamathalli. He is the heartbeat of fans, the source of happiness for countless movie enthusiasts, and a recipient of the prestigious Padma Bhushan award. He is none other than the Megastar, Dr. Konidela Chiranjeevi.

August 22nd marks a festival eagerly awaited by crores of mega fans every year. It is a celebration of Telugu cinema itself, a day that resonates with the spirit of the Kalamatalli. Today, on Shri Konidela Chiranjeevi’s birthday, the air is filled with festivity and admiration.

Each year, fans celebrate Chiranjeevi’s birthday with grandeur and innovation, and this year is no exception. The celebrations are set to be monumental at the JRC Convention Hall on the evening of August 22nd. Esteemed directors who have collaborated with Chiranjeevi, actors who took their first steps in the industry under his inspiration, and an assembly of mega heroes and industry figures are coming together to pay tribute.

From those who hold him in the highest regard to fans who view him as a deity, all will extend their heartfelt wishes to Chiranjeevi from this grand stage.

As a token of appreciation, we will be unveiling Chiranjeevi’s latest photos, capturing his essence through the lens of new technology. This short gift is our gesture of gratitude to you.

We extend a warm invitation to thousands of fans to join us in these mega celebrations, where we will honor Chiranjeevi’s legacy and celebrate his birthday in the most magnificent way possible.

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Swaminayudu Garu.

All India Chiranjeevi Youth

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