Bubblegum: A Delectable Mix of Sweetness and Sour Notes in New-Age Romance

Roshan Kanakala, the son of renowned anchor Suma and actor Rajeev Kanakala, steps into the limelight with his 2023 debut film, Bubblegum. Directed by Ravikanth Perepu, known for his genre-defying ventures, Bubblegum promises a narrative weaving together young love, societal clashes, and the intricate complexities of life. So, does this cinematic bubblegum burst with flavor or leave a lingering bitter aftertaste?

A Tale of Dichotomies: At the heart of Bubblegum lies the clash between Aadi (Roshan) and Jhanvi (Maanasa Choudhary). Aadi, a struggling DJ from Mehdipatnam’s slums, aspires to big beats and breaking free from humble origins. Jhanvi, a privileged beauty on the brink of embarking on fashion studies abroad, represents a world vastly different from Aadi’s reality. Their unexpected and seemingly impossible love becomes the film’s focal point, exploring themes of class disparities, defying societal norms, and pursuing one’s dreams.

Sweet Chemistry with a Raw Edge: Roshan Kanakala makes a confident debut, infusing Aadi with raw energy and youthful ambition. Maanasa Choudhary shines as Jhanvi, portraying inner conflict and blossoming love with nuance. Their on-screen chemistry stands out as the film’s highlight, capturing the initial awkwardness and gradual sweetness of young love. However, some may find their contrasting personalities a bit too stark, making their connection feel forced at times.

Flavorful Ingredients, Unevenly Blended: 

Perepu, known for his diverse projects, attempts to meld romance, drama, and social commentary in Bubblegum. While the film boasts beautiful visuals and a catchy soundtrack, the pacing is often uneven. The narrative shifts between lighthearted romance and serious social observations, struggling to find a seamless balance. Some scenes feel stretched thin, while others lack the depth to fully explore their potential.

The Bittersweet Aftertaste: 

Ultimately, Bubblegum is a cinematic treat that leaves viewers with mixed emotions. The performances and music stand out, especially Roshan’s charisma and the film’s energetic soundtrack. However, uneven pacing and underdeveloped conflicts prevent it from reaching its full potential. It’s a sweet story with hints of bitter reality, but the equilibrium isn’t quite perfect.

A New Flavor for Telugu Cinema: 

While Bubblegum may not be a flawless cinematic blend, it marks an intriguing debut for Roshan Kanakala and a commendable attempt at exploring unconventional romance within a familiar genre. It shows glimpses of promise, leaving audiences curious about Roshan and Perepu’s cinematic evolution. For those seeking a lighthearted love story with a touch of social commentary, Bubblegum offers a delightful diversion, even if it might not leave a lasting impression.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Bubblegum is a charming debut with undeniable potential, yet its uneven execution and underdeveloped themes hinder it from achieving its full sweetness. Nonetheless, it provides a promising peek into Roshan Kanakala’s future and adds a refreshing note to the diverse landscape of Telugu cinema.

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