“Bhola Shankar Mehar Ramesh’s Upcoming Release”


How did you experience that moment when you held the microphone on the first day after a considerable hiatus?

👉 Bhola Shankar’s shooting commenced on November 15, 2021, with an impressive scale, featuring approximately seven hundred junior artists and an expansive set. Directing the film for Anayya (brother) was like living a dream, and that dream is still alive within me. The culmination of this dream will be unveiled on August 11. As someone who’s been observing my brother and his cinematic journey since childhood, this film was crafted with the aspiration to showcase him in this light. The entire movie was crafted with the dynamic energy my elder brother infused. He enjoyed the process as well, as he intuitively understands a director’s vision. My fortunate edge in this is being my elder brother’s cousin. Growing up, I’ve observed him closely. Directing him in this film felt “right” beside him. Such luck doesn’t strike everyone. I embarked on my directorial journey to create this movie, which stands as a significant achievement. Everything that follows is but an added bonus.

What spurred the decision to remake Vedalam?

👉 Chiranjeevi can only be referred to as a “brother.” There’s an elder-brother philosophy that resonates deeply with me. It’s a sentiment I hold dear. Despite the changing eras, some connections remain timeless. This narrative encompasses brother-sister emotions interwoven with thrilling entertainment. This is an unexplored territory for me as a director. To suit Chiranjeevi’s persona, we’ve introduced alterations, making the second half an entirely distinct experience for him. We’ve tweaked about 70 percent of the original script. The essence of how my brother appears to me is encapsulated within this film. To me, he’s akin to a towering Himalayan peak.#MegastarChiranjeevi

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