Balakrishna Extends Congratulations to “Daksha” Movie Team


The upcoming movie “Daksha,” produced by Sri Annapurna Creations and starring Sarath Babu’s son Ayush as the lead, has garnered admiration from none other than Balakrishna. With Tallada Srinivas at the helm of production and directed by Vivekananda Vikrant, the film is poised for a theatrical release on August 25.

In a heartwarming moment, Balayya joined forces with Nakshatra, the film’s leading lady, during the shooting of his own project “Bhagwant Kesari.” Balakrishna blessed the duo and conveyed his felicitations to the “Daksha” team, marking the occasion with his gracious presence.

Nakshatra, the film’s heroine, shared her thoughts, prais ing Balakrishna as an individual of exceptional character and sensitivity. She recounted how he extended his best wishes for the success of “Daksha” and even shared a meal with the team. Nakshatra also highlighted Balakrishna’s invaluable experience, considering it a guiding light for aspiring youth.

Tallada Saikrishna, the co-producer of “Daksha,” contributes to the film’s creation. The movie’s musical score is in the hands of Lalit, and the ensemble of talented actors includes Ayush, Anu, Ravi Reddy, Akhil, and Shobhan Babu.

As anticipation builds for the release of “Daksha,” Balakrishna’s recognition and blessings further amplify the excitement surrounding the film.

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