“#AP31′: First Look and Motion Poster Release Event Witness Overwhelming Support”


The much-anticipated movie ‘#AP 31’ is in the making under the Annapurneswari Cine Creations banner, starring Chanti and Lahari as the lead heroines. With the intriguing tagline ‘Number Missing,’ the film is being produced by Narayana Swamy M and directed by KVR. Salim Malik (Mac) has contributed additional screenplay. The motion poster was unveiled at a press meet in Hyderabad, where eminent director Trinatha Rao Nakkina and renowned producer Bekkem Venu Gopal graced the event. Hero Chanti, heroine Lahari, and director KVR also joined the occasion to mark the unveiling of the film’s first look.

Eminent director Trinatha Rao Nakkina remarked, “The careers of Nadi and Bekkem Venu Gopal began with smaller films. During that time, we eagerly awaited the release of posters, teasers, and trailers for our films. It’s important not to forget our humble beginnings as we achieve success with larger projects. This is why we should always be willing to support and guide those who seek assistance. Today, there’s no distinction between small and big movies; success is the true measure. The recent success of the movie ‘Baby’ is a testament to this. Speaking of ‘#AP 31,’ it’s Vizag’s pride. The movie’s journey, commencing in Andhra Pradesh and venturing into Tamil Nadu, illustrates its expansive reach. I wish for the film’s success in this endeavor. Having visited the film set on multiple occasions, I can attest that Producer Narayana Swamygaru spares no effort in delivering quality. He is committed to excellence in every endeavor and has multiple projects in the pipeline. The motion poster reflects director KVR’s promising direction. Hero Chanti’s dedication to the project is commendable, and Lahari shines both in glamour and performance. I wholeheartedly wish the film prosperity.”

Renowned producer Bekkem Venu Gopal expressed his hopes for the film: “Each year, numerous new directors and producers present their films to the audience. Only a few manage to stand out like precious gems amidst the crowd. We earnestly hope that the team behind the movie ‘#AP 31’ prospers in the industry. May the film achieve great success, and may this success lead to the creation of more remarkable films. We wish the entire team the very best. In the film industry, many individuals dream of becoming heroes, yet only a select few manage to accomplish that feat. Chanti has now become a hero before our eyes. We wish for the film to be a breakthrough for him. Additionally, Bhashya Shri’s contribution to the movie through words and songs is truly commendable. Lahari, beyond being a glamorous heroine, exhibits exceptional acting skills. We anticipate her ascent to greater heights.”

Writer Bhashya Sri lauded the film, stating, “‘#AP 31’ boasts a captivating script, with 50 percent of the shooting already completed. The progress so far has been exceptional. Special thanks to Producer Narayana Swamy for his unwavering dedication. I extend my gratitude to hero Chanti and heroine Lahari, as well as the entire team.”

Hero Chanti acknowledged the commitment of the film’s creators: “Producer Narayana Swamigaru has invested substantial resources into the film. Director KVR, music director Prajwal, screenplay writer Mac, and Bhashyasree have all contributed their best efforts. Lahari is a remarkable performer who effortlessly matches up to the male actors even in action scenes. Her unwavering support has been invaluable, and I extend my gratitude to her.”

Film director KVR shared insights into the film’s journey: “I’ve been part of the industry for a decade now, and I’ve been in touch with Producer Narayana Swamigari for the last four years. He promised a film in 2019, and here we are, working extensively on its creation. The film is backed by talented actors and skilled technicians. Prajwal, the music director, and dialogue writer Bhashyasree have all contributed exceptionally. Salim Malik, known from the film ‘Darja,’ provided additional screenplay. Hero Chanti’s portrayal on screen doesn’t resemble a debutant; his acting is remarkable. Lahari exhibited exceptional dedication and acting prowess. With the support of the entire team, we are progressing smoothly to complete the film. I express my gratitude to Producer Narayana Swamigari for entrusting me with such a skilled team.”

Actress Lahari thanked her supporters: “I extend my gratitude to Trinatha Rao and Bekkem Venu Gopal for their presence and support. The making of this film has felt like a familial effort. I’m thankful to Director KVR and Producer Narayana Swamigari for affording me this wonderful opportunity.”

Starring Chanti, Lahari, Vinod Kumar, Tulsi, Jayasudha, Shiaji Shinde, Babu Mohan, Prithviraj, Pakeeja, and Swarnalatha, ‘#AP 31’ features music by Prajwal Krish, cinematography by Gopala Krishna, lyrics and songs by Bhashyashree, and additional screenplay by Salim Malik. Action scenes are designed by Kanal Kannan and Joshua, renowned stunt masters, with choreography by Shekhar VJ, Ganesh Swamy, Bhanu, Jittu, and Ani Masters. As the film takes shape, the entire team aspires to carve a distinctive niche in the industry.

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