Amid the Oscar roar, James Cameron offers to meet with SS Rajamouli if he wants to produce a Hollywood movie.


James Cameron, a legendary director, urged RRR director SS Rajamouli to see him if he ever plans to produce a Hollywood production. In a recently released extended clip of the legendary directors’ meeting at the Critics’ Choice Awards, he was seen proposing to meet and speak with Rajamouli. Even though it was previously known that Rajamouli and Cameron were complimenting the movie, the new video provides a deeper look at their conversation.

Standing with his wife, the Avatar director discussed the movie with Rajamouli. The director of Baahubali gushed about Cameron, telling him that he has seen all of his movies and that he has been a “huge inspiration” in his life. Cameron thanked Rajamouli for his comments and examined every aspect of the narrative. Cameron was enamored with the movie. Suzy, his wife, continued by saying that Cameron watched RRR twice: once by himself and once with Suzy.

“Now that I’ve seen all of your characters, it feels so good to watch them along with your setup, which includes fire, water, and a tale. disclose the following revelation After that, you demonstrate what happened in the background. They appear to be all set up in a cozy manner. Why is he acting this way? And after many turns, friendships, and twists, he eventually reaches a point where he is unable to kill the other when their roles are reversed. It just has such strength. And I adored how you simply tossed the entire performance; it was a complete spectacle. “I adored that!” he exclaimed.

“These remarks from you mean more to me than a prize.” “I mean, I can’t believe you watched the movie and are reviewing my movie,” Rajamouli admitted. Cameron praised MM Keeravani’s music during their conversation.”the result. It’s fantastic because I prefer the music to blend in and support when the listener is already experiencing something, allowing the topic to develop. However, the way you use music is different. When he opens his eyes, boom! and you follow suit. You need to get up. The movie contains scenes that made me want to stand up. I’m referring to at-home viewing. “I’ve got myself up,” he said.

Rajamouli received a final message from Cameron: “If you ever want to film a movie over here, let’s speak.”

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