Actress Ester Noronha: Pioneering Women’s Perspectives in Cinema with ‘The Vacant House


Actress Ester Noronha: Directing ‘The Vacant House’ for Change

Ester Noronha

Step into a new era of cinema as actress Ester Noronha takes the director’s chair for the first time with her groundbreaking film, “The Vacant House.” Having graced screens in Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada films, Ester is now breaking boundaries from behind the camera. In an industry where female directors are underrepresented, Ester’s journey shines a light on the evolving landscape. Discover her thoughts on the importance of diverse voices and her passion for storytelling, as she presents a fresh perspective in a realm dominated by men. Don’t miss out on this exciting cinematic revelation!

A majority of audiences have largely witnessed a man’s take on various subjects. But there’s a lot to say and hear from the women’s perspective, and that is what I am attempting to do with my film, The Vacant House.

Ester Noronha

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